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    Many elderly people with a mild cognitive impairment experience barriers towards moving around in outdoor environments. Many barriers are caused by worries: “How can I be sure to find my way?”, “What happens when I get lost?”, “What if I suddenly fall ill or need help?”. Similar questions are posed by the caregivers: “Where is he/she now?”, “Does he/she need help?”, “Can I be sure he/she is going to get back home?”, “Is it safe to let him/her go outside alone?”

    MyGuardian aims to facilitate safe and secure mobility of seniors with mild cognitive impairments while preserving their autonomy and dignity. MyGuardian improves wellbeing and efficiency of voluntary caregivers (e.g., family and friends) by ensuring their peace of mind and keeping them informed when the senior is experiencing confusion states and risk situations when out and about, and improves efficiency of professional caregivers by providing them with up-to-date information and by supporting coordination of their care efforts. Third, MyGuardian enables new business models for professional caregivers by enabling them to assist voluntary caregivers and to step in when needed.