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  • MyGuardian Service

    MyGuardian is a service platform that links seniors to a group of caregivers using existing mobile devices. Different applications are considered in this platform each of them focused in different target users:


    • MyGuardian Senior, a mobile application for seniors for communicating with the caregivers through voice a tagging messages; includes also an alarm button for emergency situations. It also could be used for monitoring purpose with a wireless bracelet.
    • MyGuardian Caregiver, two-fold application for the caregivers (web and mobile application). Enables the communication with the seniors, coordination mechanisms for emergency situations, configurations parameters and access to the senior information in case of emergency or just for “guardian” purpose. It also includes a back-up communication with a caregivers professional call-centre.
    • MyGuardian call-centre portal, web based portal for professional caregivers call-centre, used as back-up support for seniors and their informal caregivers.
    • MyGuardian caregivers coordination service, enables dynamic and seamless distribution of care tasks and responsibilities between voluntary caregivers and supporting professional caregivers.

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