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  • Public Deliverables

    Now they’re available the first preliminary results of MyGuardian project, please find below the list of public deliverables already available:

    D6- User Requirements

    Seniors with mild cognitive impairments are (to a certain degree) dependent on caregivers such as family careers and home care. The support and care by caregivers enables these seniors to continue living in their own home for as long as possible. However, these seniors might experience barriers towards moving around in outdoor environments when their caregivers are absent. The MyGuardian project aims for a product or service that facilitates safe and secure mobility of seniors with mild cognitive impairments. Not only seniors, but also caregivers (whether formal or informal) are likely to be users of this future product or service. Therefore, this research explores the needs and experiences of three different stakeholders: seniors with MCI, informal caregivers and formal caregivers.

    D7- Use Cases

    In order to explain the functionalities of the service and how it affects daily life of the end users, this document presents a number of use cases that defines and includes the different services, applications and functionalities considered in MyGuardian and that will be also taken into account when performing the user acceptance tests and validation phases during the final part of the project.

    D8 – Social Impact, Privacy and Ethics Report

    Ethics deals with appropriate and non-appropriate behaviours, what we should do and what we should refrain to do. It‟s a thought on the values that guide and motivate our actions. It‟s a thought on the kind of relationships we want to have with other people. The problem of maintaining at home and following up MCI and dementia patients is less and less a technological one, and more and more a structural and organizational one, and the leverage for spurring on the necessary transformations of current healthcare systems in developed countries could be provided by ethics. All the more as pervasiveness of such concepts as „ambient intelligence‟ and „disappearing computing‟ induces some ethical problems regarding privacy disruption, intrusiveness and control. The rapid evolution of these technologies by far outpaces the necessary medical and social debate that should accompany their design and use, with regard to both their positive action on handicap and isolation, and the new problems they raise. However, an „ethical stance‟ is being incepted for a few years by various researchers. This development can be seen as integration in the domain of telemedicine and ICT-based technology for dementia patients of the „Ethical Aim‟ enunciated by philosopher Paul Ricoeur and defined as the “good life” with and for others in just institutions. With potentially so deep ethical implications of so powerful and pervasive tools as the one designed in MyGuardian, an ethical stance indeed should prevail over the design and use of these technologies in order to anticipate unintended and higher order consequences of their dissemination.

    D9 – Market Analysis

    Market analysis reports in the context of innovative solutions have the duty to approach the issues from a broader perspective. Restricting the view to existing players and segmentation would inhibit initiative and corner the future business plan in a me-too pattern. Therefore, in addition to the usual topics, this report will also explore critical issues like:
     Technology and solution acceptance
     Revenues model
     Customer support and service
     Sector maturity
     Stakeholders’ roles in the decision-making
     Existing GPS-based systems
     Existing portable panic button and apps
     non-ICT solutions

    D10 – MyGuardian Architecture

    The D10 – Architecture and interfaces deliverable describes the global architecture and services that are going to be implemented in order to achieve MyGuardian goals. This document is based on the results obtained from user requirements and use cases.

    D11 – Privacy and Data Security Module

    Four countries: Spain, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland actively participate in the implementation of the project, while user trials will take place in Spain, France and the Netherlands. This report presents planned deployment with respect to ensuring the privacy and data security in the MyGuardian system. In each of the subsequent sections we discuss the important legislation and/or organizational aspects influencing the requirements for the data privacy and security in MyGuardian.

    D12 – User Profiling Module

    This document aims to show a general scheme of the composition of profiles of Senior User, Informal Caregiver and Formal Caregiver. The document describes the main features that users can set, such as the user’s personal data, the privacy settings or zones to be marked as safe.

    D18 – Service for Elderly (Prototype 1)

    This document describes the functionalities included in the first prototype of the MyGuardian service for elderly, that is developed as a mobile application for the seniors, and constitutes the prototype 1 of MyGuardian. It guides you through the application and could be also used as a user manual.

    D19 – MyGuardian Service for Caregivers (Prototype 2)

    This document describes the functionalities included in the second prototype of the MyGuardian service for caregivers, that it’s developed as a web application and includes the full list of MyGuardian functionalitites, and constitutes the prototype 2 of MyGuardian. It guides you through the application and could be also used as a user manual.

    D20 – Service provision

    This deliverable describes the overall integration of developed services, as well as the “ways of working” for the service of MyGuardian. It will first indicate the prerequisites for the usage of MyGuadian services, second describes the different ways to release the application to its users and finally introduce the services implemented to help the user understand the application and use it efficiently and effectively

    D22 – Preliminary User acceptance test report

    This deliverable provides a preliminary report on the user acceptance of MyGuardian technology, and how the goal og reducing the impact of MCI could be reached. User acceptance test has been carried out in The Netherlands and France.

    D23- Final User Acceptance Tests Report

    This document is the continuation of the D22 (Preliminary User Acceptance Report). The aim of this deliverable is to assess:

    • User acceptance in connection with MyGuardian global care system concept
    • User acceptance in connection with the concrete assistive acts of MyGuardian
      • in pre-implementation stage (when MyGuardianhas not been used yet)
      • during use
      • in post-implementation stage (when users have used and experienced MyGuardian)

    D25 – Dissemination Report

    This report presented planned dissemination activities, as well as these completed along the project for different target groups. We distinguish Internet-based dissemination of information about the project, including dissemination via web, social networks, online press, newsletters and leaflets, as well as scientific dissemination via peer-reviewed research papers and presentations at sceintific conferences, and other forms of dissemination. In this delivarable, we also indicate feedbacks received along the dissemination activities and relevant to the project participants and project goals.

    Thank you for your interest in our Project.